Peer-reviewed Publications

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Research in Progress

Chen, C., Loibl, C., Moulton, S., Whitmarsh, L., & Yi, H. Self-Affirmed for Energy Efficiency: Intentions and Actions to Change Behavior. [Revise and resubmit. Environmental Policy and Governance.]

Chen, C., Benoit, V., Whitmarsh, L., Loibl, C., & Knill, C. Energy Crisis and Public Perception of the Clean Energy Transition. [Working paper]

Chen, C., Weible, C., & Heikkila, T. From Legislative Conflicts to Consequences: Investigating Fracking Policies with Transfer

Learning. [Working paper]

Chen, C. & Yi, H. How Far Can She Go? Investigating Female and Male Public Managers’ Career Paths in the U.S. [Working paper]

Benoit, V. & Chen, C. Beyond Left and Right: The Effects of Values on Policy Preferences over Contemporary Issues. [Working paper]

Chen, C. When Energy Upgrade Programs Meet the Reality of Housing Stocks. [Working paper]

Chen, C. Resourceful or Helpless: From Extreme Weather Exposure to Energy-Saving Behavior. [Working paper]

Kagan, J., Heikkila, T., Berardo, R., Yordy, J., Weible, C. M., Yi, H., Chen, C., & Holm, F. The Diversity of Policy Conflicts: Insights from the Oil and Gas Policy Domain. [Working paper]

Book Chapter

Chen, C. & Aschenbrenner, C. (2023). Environmental Policymaking in Authoritarian Countries: The Cases of Singapore and Russia. In Knill, C., Jorgens, H., & Steinbach, Y. (Eds.), Environmental Policy Handbook. Taylor & Francis. 


Kagan, J., Berardo, R., Heikkila, T.,Weible, C. M., Yi, H., Yordy, J., & Chen, C. (2021). Perceptions of Oil and Gas Development Policies and Politics in the U.S.: 2020 Survey Report. Available at:


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